Logo + Identity Designs

Logo + Identity Design

Concept Development



Logos + identities made for commissions. Each identity accompanies a pitch deck design as seen in sample four. May view upon request.

Peronsal logo and branding for Amira Maruf Design

Rebranding for HLVmagazine.om

Artist identity for instagram account @raysof.yellow

Logo design and branding for Behind the Veil (church located in Bay Area, California) + Pitch Deck

Logos accompanied in both black and white.

Young Vintage Company re-branding

blx • Spectations brand identity

Chronicle Photography identity design

Research Ambassadors is a student-led organization ran under the advising of the William R. Jenkins Art & Architecture Library in Houston, TX. After taking a hiatus, the organization re-established themselves within their campus community and sought out a new venture in their overall identity.

The Isaurian Officials are the city’s governmental executives. They are responsible for creating laws, publishing public information, and protecting their citizens. This logo was created for Fantasies of Isaura Project.

The design of this logo uses the letter “I” and “O” turned counterclockwise. The circle added above the “I” and “O” is intended to add personification and exhibit the
brand’s humanity.

Logo made for website simulation in Laws Against Humanity project.


Identity made for the University of Houston's
2019 Annual School of Art Student Exhibition

Identity made for the University of Houston's
2019 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition.

This logo design was a collaborative project between the University of Houston's Master of Fine Art's graduate candidates. This logo was used as an environmental graphic in the School of Art.


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