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Marfa for Sale​

A Potential Narrative

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In the summer of 2018, I spent time in Marfa, TX for an artist residency. My project was based on the displacement of long-term residents due to the influx of newcomers and summer vacationers. This traffic is heavily derived from the art culture that has developed around the works of Donald Judd. 


Marfa For Sale is a series of fictional real estate signs that were placed in desolate locations of Marfa. The plotted signs reflect the potential narrative that if residents continue to be priced out of their homes, the authentic history of Marfa might one day be wiped away.


During my residency, I discovered that the majority of people who have lived in Marfa have been there their whole lives. Unfortunately, these residents are now moving away due to increased taxes and better opportunities outside of the city. With Marfa having a population of fewer than 2000 people, the displacement of the residents is felt on a greater magnitude. Former townies have to travel a great distance to relocate, further deepening the feeling of abandonment and the formation of a desert island. [1]


I exhibited this information to the public which successfully provoked conversations and inspired ideas to change this narrative. 

1. Deleuze, G., Lapoujade, D., & Taormina, M. (2004). Desert Islands: And Other Texts 1953-1974. Los Angeles: Semiotext(e). Pages: 9-14 

11x17"map made for Fieldwork Marfa / Desert Unit for Speculative Territories (DUST) Summer/Fall exhibition. 

Quirky For Sale Sign Design

Desolate Site Installations + Contrasting Residential Homes

Marfa, TX