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13 Celsius

Environmental Graphic for 13 Celsius 

Once upon a time in Ancient Greece, Poseidon, the god of the ocean, desired to have a city devoted to his glorification.


While visiting the city of Acropolis, he made a proclamation to the king and his people that if the city devoted themselves to him that they would subjugate the seas. Shortly after this speech, Athena, goddess of wisdom, came out from the skies in the conquest of her own to domineer over land.

Challenged, both Poseidon and Athena chose to host a contest. Both gods would present a gift to Acropolis and let the people decide who their ruler would be. Striking their tritons, Poseidon provided water, but it was bitter with Salt, and Athena provided an Olive tree that provided food, oil, and material for construction and fire. This was a symbol of peace, prosperity, and friendship.

The people were amazed and choose Athena as their guardian. They rejoiced and celebrated over wine and cheese and renamed their city to Athens in her glory.

Though 13 Celsius is not a story about two gods at war, it does share a story of prosperity and connectivity that is celebrated not only in architecture but in culture as well. This graphic celebrates this repurposed building and its Mediterranean roots.

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