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Laws Against Humanity
Design Research, Poster Design, Conceptual Design, Game Design, HTML Coding, Packaging Design, Product Design

Disclaimer: Laws Against Humanity is a storytelling project of unjust laws, violence, and border politicals along the U.S./Mexico border. 

During the era of Jim Crow where America was segregated from Black and White, there was also an outcast of the Mexican community. Though not enslaved, they were treated brutally and unjustly (i.e. lynchings, segregated spaces, and being forced out of the country, even if a legal citizen), just as the African-American community. I found empathy in this, for the history of our ancestors mirrored one another, yet, I was never was informed about it. The hate for Mexicans was derived from the gold-rush era, which occurred two days after the Mexican-American war. After the war, 55% of Mexico was granted to America and Mexican peoples who resided in what was once was Mexico, were granted American citizenship. During the gold-rush, the hate for Mexicans was magnified because of greed and stereotypes. All the stereotypes that were established then still live today, along with many others of all minorities. I found this very problematic as it displayed a lack of progression in our country. Hence, my agenda for this project was to juxtapose the past and present and show how little things have changed.

The embedded hatred in our country is manifesting in current times in a series of events happening along the U.S. /Mexico border.  Compelled by these stories, I tried to retell and reshape these events in ways that would oblige my user to physically engage with the narrative. My overall objective for creating an interactive experience was to provoke emotions of anger, disgust, and unease about the mistreatment of legal and illegal aliens and to reinstate the values of humanitarianism. The long-term goal I envision for my projects is to inspire the public to think, or re-think, about America’s legislative proposals and critically analyze the qualities they will require from the representatives of the 2020 presidential election.


With this end goal in mind, in these projects, I played the role of a sadistic puppet master by using satire to propagate my agenda. I was going for shock value. This project inspired an aspiration to seek possible solutions to my concerns about immigration, borders, and refugee crises.

Modern Day Broadside

7.5 x 18" Print 

Silhouette Storytelling: Papel Picado 

Paper Craft