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Posters made for commissions and experiments.

30x40”.digital print 

New Generation Navigation

Design Workshop with Richard The
Retina Posters: The aesthetic potential of the phone

11x17" analog poster inspired by Ed Fella's Dark Future workshop. Workshop hosted by designer Ian Lynam.

11x17" analog poster.

Text retrieved from John Dewey's Art as Experience

20x20" poster series Textperience

The challenge for this project was to display our voice as designers by using one body of text in three different ways; neutral, affirmative, and critical. Neutral meaning unbiased, affirmative meaning positive, and critical having a negative connotation. This project was introduced as a quick exercise to get our brains thinking about ways we can communicate different moods in visual forms. Taking the liberty of making this project unique to me, I created three analog posters that echoed the merit of honest craft and concept. 

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