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Artist Statement


Being the daughter of an African immigrant has made me sensitive towards topics of displacement, social injustice, cultural and environmental preservation. By using contemporary and traditional forms of graphic design, I curate stories by investigating ancient histories and translating them into contemporary contexts. My work is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of diminished and forgotten histories of lesser-known groups of people and overlooked environments.  

I use graphic design as a means to communicate cultural and visual stories and celebrate pockets of culture through typography and illustrations within the built environment. Through my work, I hope to help audiences find an association with place through typography and design that reminds us of home and or a place of comfort.

Inspired by visual artists and designers such as Paul Rand, Herbert Bayer, Sofie Beirer, Lauren Hom, Rene Knip, Olafur Eliasson, Zarina Hashmi, Federico Babina, Ettore Sottsass, and Roberto Burle Marx, my art and design practice is stimulated by defining encoded interactions between land, man, and the built environment.

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