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Series of prints made by relief, collagraph,
and serigraphs.

"The land in our hands" is a 5x7" print series inspired by relationship between mankind and earth. The elements represent power, peace, and progression.

These prints are heavily influenced by Grecian culture and the Walden by Henry David Thoreau. In ancient Greek mythology, the gods were connected to all the elements of the Earth, further shaping the lives of the Greeks. 

In Thoreau's Walden, he examines the relationship between man and Earth as a way communicate with God. Though, different in their time period, the narratives are familiar. 

Future Forest

5 x 7" relief prints

Laby Liberty

10 x 10" serigraphs

Freedom Ladies

10 x 10" serigraphs


10 x 10" serigraphs

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