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Houston, while it has its beautiful places, is not considered a major tourist destination. Inspired by the Dadaists, who would find innumerable sites for their Visit Excursions, I sought out to find the hidden narratives embedded between the bustling metropolis of Houston, TX.


After throwing a dart at the map of Houston, I went to investigate the location in which my dart landed. My dart landed on a road next to airport boulevard. When I traveled to my site, I took a moment to absorb my surroundings. From my location, I was able to see every commercial hotel that inhabited airport boulevard. This observation curated my thesis for this project. Hotel Culture Near Airports. This sent me on the hunt to discover the contrasting differences between each hotel. 


I gathered artifacts from each hotel as validation of my studies. After a few visits, I noticed a constant between each competing franchise, soap. Each soap that I had received reflected the culture of the hotel  —  old, new, dirty, clean, empty, full, expensive or cheap. After ripping the soaps bare, the culture of each hotel became more evident in the design of the soap. The nicer the hotel, the better quality soap you would receive. To display my research, I designed new packaging for each bar of soap that reflects my interpretation of its hotel.  

Supports for my research about the turn-about culture of airport hotels are a collection of postcards that show imagery the contrasting hotels and an accordion book that better explains them. To display my arrangements, I used a metal tin wrapped in a belly band. 

Packaging Design


Accordion Book

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